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Color Bird

Abstract image of a bird in flight with multicolored round elements...


Color Fish

Abstract color image of a fish under water...


Cool Bear

The logo shows a funny teddy bear in big glasses for him...


Crow talk

On the logo is an abstract image of two crows sitting on a branch and leading a conversation against..

Elegant Cat New

Elegant Cat

Abstract logo of an elegant sitting cat...

Elegant Goat New

Elegant Goat

Abstract logo of a mountain goat standing on stones...


Fly Bird

On the logo is an abstract image of a bird...



The logo shows a fox and also an abstract image of flowers along the contour...


Freedom of Butterfly

The logo is an abstract image of a butterfly...


Funny Penguin

The logo is an abstract image of a penguin...


Fur Seal

Abstract image of a fur seal with a red ball on its nose...


Hippo Baby

The logo shows a sitting hippo cub...


Iron Fox

The logo shows an abstract image of an iron fox...


Jelly Fish

The logo shows a jellyfish executed in bright and cheerful colors on the orange circle...


Lion Shield

The logo abstract image of the head of a lion in the form of a shield...